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You probably already know "Adsense" is one of the hottest topics among Internet marketers these days. People are making nice profits by creating content rich sites and embed their Adsense codes in them.

In fact it's the best way to earn online. No sale, no refund, no customer support, all you have to do is setup a few website and check your stats to know how much you earn today.

JUST IMAGINE - you create 10 websites and each generate only $5 a day for you. Voila, it's $1500 a month extra income for doing nothing.
I know many of you are asking, "What does have to do with Safelists?".

Bear with me while I explain...

In Early 2004 you could use different software to build 1000s of webpages and drive loads of traffic to your websites, producing 1000s of clicks on Adsense ads.

Many marketers' were making 10K - 30K per month!

Well Google implemented a policy change in mid 2005 that basically stated that you could not use certain software to generate 1000s of web pages or software to

create clicks on your Adsense ads.

Furthermore, Google stated that you will be banned from using Google Adsense if you are caught using any type of software that generate these types of webpages or software that creates artificial clicks on your adsense ads.

With a combination of sites being banned and traffic decreasing, Adsense revenue  dropped drastically overnite.

So now the big problem became "How do I "legally" drive traffic to my web pages with Adsense ads on them".

So the hunt was on to find new ways to drive traffic to your website.

Article submission became a big thing. However, that can be either expensive or time-consuming.

Next Press Releases became the next big thing to drive traffic to your site. Press Releases software can also can be expensive.

I have even seen traffic exchanges that claim they can drive traffic to your adsense sites.

Now... recently I purchased an amazing software product called Submit Equalizer that  instantly submit all Of your websites to over 2050+ Search Engines, Directories, and Classified Sites ads to over 1,400  Classified and FFA sites.

Classified and FFA sites!!! Hardly anyone has used them in the last few years. They have become obsolete.

It has become fairly well known that FFA's/Small Directories/Classified sites 'no longer work'...

However, they are back. I believe the main reason is because Adsense users are now desperate to find ways to drive cheap traffic to their sites.

Safelists can be used for this very purpose.

I am not sure why “most” internet marketers don not use safelists to drive traffic to their websites.

If you use adsense think what how having your website viewed by 500,000 safelist users. Many safelist users are freebie seekers, however, they will click on your links and you ads.

It's just a matter of time before the "gurus" recognize that they can use safelist to send free traffic to their adsense webpages.

I see it happening already.

Have you noticed how some safelists are advertising google Adsense ads lately?

Adsense marketers are starting to take advantage of this cheap resource to drive traffic to their sites.

Sure, many Adsense marketers with deep pockets will continue to use their current methods. They will still complain that Safelists do not work.

But the little guys, as well as other Adsense marketers with deep pockets,  will start using Safelists in droves.

Now, here is where Safelists will play a major role with Adsense users.

Safelists, with all of it's "problems", are a very inexpensive method to drive traffic to your adsense sites.

Now, how can current Safelist marketers take advantage of this?

Think about this... these new marketers are use to buying expensive software and are use to spending money.

What if these big spenders see your ads and are interested in your product...

What if there marketers join your opt-in lists where you can followup up with your offers.

Folks... these are the type of marketers that you want on your opt-in lists!

These are the marketers that you want to see your ads!

There will be increased profits for current safelists users who are smart enough to take advantage of this.

Now, what can you do to get ready for the coming surge of new safelist users.

First, you can learn all you can about how to market with safelists.

Next, learn all you can about Google Adsense. The reason you want to do this is because you will want to:

a. Learn how Adsense Marketers think

b. Learn how to put Adsense ads on your webpages for profit

c. Learn how to use Safelists to drive tons of free traffic to your Adsense webpages

Go to the Adsense Marketers’ Toolkit where you can get a bundle of all the Adsense eBooks and software resources  that you will ever need.

Bottom line, as a result of trying to find inexpensive or free traffic for their Adsense web pages, Adsense markets should and will start using Safelists as a source of new traffic.


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