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Safelists can be a very viable marketing tool if used correctly.  Just follow these 12 Simple Steps to marketing with safelists and you will see results from your safelist efforts.


Step 1 – Join all 20 of the top free safelists from TRAFFICHOOPLA

These are the 20 most responsive safelists you will find.

Join as many free safelists that you can.  (See Appendix  A for more safelists). This is a numbers game; you need to get your message out to as many folks as possible. Join the free list where you have the option of upgrading to "Paid” or Pro. Free safelists that offers a Pro upgrade are more responsive (See Chapter 1 for more details).

Join all the list builders that I mentioned in chapter 18. These are especially good in building your list.

Step 2 - Join several "PAID" lists.  Paid lists have members who are more serious and are more open to your offer. Also, the eMail addresses are usually deliverable. Paid list will let you mail daily or several times a week versus a free list where you may only be able to mail once per week (See Chapter 2 for more details).

Join several of the listbuilder lists as Pro members.  These lists have are filled with  hot, targeted, qualified leads. Hey are some of the top marketers on the internet. These lists are not cheap but are superior to the traditional safelists.

Step 3.  - Get two (2) professional email accounts other than your main account to receive emails.  These are your contact and your list or subscribe email accounts.  You need a contact email address to receive administration messages from the safelist owners. You need a subscribe or list email address to receive emails from other members of the list.  In addition, you will receive a confirmation email from each safelist to your subscribe address requiring that you verify your new membership. (See Chapter 3 for more details).

Step 4 - Get a Safelist submitter so that you can email to hundreds of lists with one click!  Posting to safelist manually, one safelist at a time simply is a waste of valuable time.  If you are only posting to several safelists, then manually is okay. 

However, to effectively market with safelists, you need to post to hundreds of safelists.  This is a numbers game, the more safelist that you post to, the better your results you will see.

Safelist users should automate posting ads to safelists as soon as possible.  The resource that you need is a safelist submitter.  Make sure that the submitter you choose has auto join as well as autovalidate capabilities. (See Chapter 5 for more details)

Step 5 - Learn the secrets of writing good subject lines for your ads.  Otherwise, no matter how good your offer is, no one will see you ad.  Your headline is the single most important part of your safelist ad. The headline will make - or break – your safelist ad or salesletter.  If your headline is boring, dull, or - worse - non-existent, you won't make the sale or even get a sign-up to your list. (See Chapter 8 and 9 for more details).

Step 6 - Learn How to write effective ad copy so that customers will visit your site or autoresponder.

Step 7 - Track your safelists and test your ads to see which ones are responsive. Throw out the ads that are ot responsive. Throw out the safelists that are not responsive. (See Chapters 6 and 7 for more details)

Step 8 - Choose an in-demand product to market.  This can be an affiliate program, info product free ebook, free report or course etc.... This can also be another safelist or safelist related products. (See Chapter 11 for more details)

Step 9 – Do not attempt to make sales directly through your safelist ads. Instead, concentrate on obtaining an email address from every customer and potential customer and build your Opt-in list.  To do this you need an autoreponder or a sign up page on your site. (See Chapter 10 for more details).

Step 10 - Obtain permission to send periodic, value-added malings to your Opt-in list because this is where you will make you sales. (See Chapter 10 for more details).

Step 11 - Use a list server to organize and maintain your mailing list.

Step 12 - Become educated and stay current in the world of online marketing.

Learn the marketing and sales techniques of the online world, and apply them to safelist.  

I hope you have a better understanding of how to effectively market with safelists.  Please re-read this book and put some of the strategies into action.  Nothing will ever happen if you don’t follow-up with action.

The key is to test, test and test again until you find a strategy that works.  Good luck with your marketing with safelists efforts.


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