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The most critical resource for your safelist marketing is your email accounts.

One of the biggest challenges we face as safelist marketers is having a reliable email account to deal with all that email!

You need a contact email address to receive administration messages from the safelist owners.

You need a subscribe or list email address to receive emails from other members of the list. In addition, you will receive a confirmation email from each safelist to your subscribe address requiring that you verify your new membership.

So, make sure that you log into your subscribe email address and click the verification link.  This has to be done for each safelist.

You can literally get thousands of emails per day in your subscribe email address.  Again, this is where all the safelist mail from the other members will be sent to.


You will need to clean out your mailbox frequently or you will start "bouncing" messages, which is a big NO-NO!You can't afford to spend money to join safelists and submitters only to have your account deleted because your email bounces or even get banned.

Bouncing simply means your mailbox was too full, so the message was sent back to where it started - to the list owner. Many safelists have a bounce script or they will manually put your account on vacation if there is a problem with delivering the safelist email to your email box.  Many owners will eventually delete your account.  So, if you use safelists, keep your mailbox clean.

It is also recommend having at least two large email addresses for your subscribe email account.  Backup is important in case the server for one of the email accounts goes down.  This is especially vital if you are using safelist submitters, where you may be posting to 500 or more safelists.

If your main email account goes down for any reason, your email for all 500+ safelists will bounce and you may loose all your safelist accounts.  So backup is important for you safelist email.

Since you will get thousands of emails, you want to be able to log-in, select all the messages, and delete them all at once. You have 2 options here. 


Use several junk eMail accounts for your subscribe email account so that you don't risk becoming too full.

The problem with using many junk email accounts is that you now have more email accounts to manually clean out. 

Imagine if you belong to hundreds of safelists and have 10 junk email accounts.  As a result, you will spend hours cleaning the junk accounts and no safelist marketing will get done.

This defeats our purpose of marketing on the internet.

Still, one of your goals should be to join as many safelists as possible.  You want to get on as many safelists as possible without the headache of joining numerous junk email accounts.  The solution is to use one large subscriber or list email account to manage all of your incoming email.

Research has shown that 25MB of storage is a minimum requirement for most serious safelist marketers.  Just to be safe, you may go with 50MB or even 100MB. Having a large email box solves two important problems:  You avoid bouncing and you don’t have to check your email everyday. 


This brings us to Option 2: get a PAID account. This might seem unreasonable at first since you can get many free accounts. 

However, when you start getting tons of email, it’s easier to have it all go into one LARGE email account.  This is especially important if you are using safelist submitters

Anyone who markets on the internet using Safelists NEEDS a LARGE mailbox! They need one that WON'T GET FULL with all those return mails & BOUNCE as a result.  Large paid accounts are reliable and are generally bounce free.

When looking for a "paid email account", look for the following features: automatic email deletion, email filtering, Web Based Email and FREE affiliate programs.

With auto delete features, you can set your email address/box to auto delete your emails immediately, 1 hour, 24 hours or whenever you want.  This is a powerful feature to have so that you do not have to spend hours deleting mail, 50 at a time, or even having to run a special program...its automatic!

An email box with superb filters allows you to move incoming mail into various folders. This allows incoming mail to automatically go to folders you designate such as "validation mails", "new safelists", "new programs" so the mail will be easy to find.

Look for email accounts with POP3 or Web Based Email Access.  Web Based Email is an advanced and richly featured internet based email program that allows you to check and manage your email from ANYWHERE in the world.

Also, look for email boxes with FREE affiliate programs. That way you account is free once you sign up a few referrals.  With enough referrals, you can make a profit.


What are some of the paid email accounts that I recommend?

ListMail4u is at the top of my list.  ListMail4u is a complex web based mail application that allows me to check my e-mail daily from any computer.  Posting to thousands of safelist daily would be impossible without the powerful automated processing capabilities built into ListMail4u.

Look for a paid email account that has superior online support. The online support at ListMail4u is second to none.  The owner will personally set up your folders at "no charge".

I was attempting to organize my mail one Sunday morning and the owner called me and said "Russell, I see that you are not using your filtering system, let me help you set up your folders".

He then spent the next 10 minutes setting up my email folders.  Folks, this is the kind of service safelist users need!  Check ListMail4u out for yourself.

YuhKnow is a reliable email account whether you use it for strictly personal use or for your Safelist accounts.

YuhKnow   email boxes have the following features:

  • POP3 Access - Download your YuhKnow email to your Outlook Express (or whatever you use)
  • One Click Delete - A separate login URL where you can delete all emails with ONE CLICK!
  • Email Potty - Set up your Pop3 account to be automatically dumped at Midnight each night
  • Message Filters - You can set up message filters, so each time you log in, the message filter system will run and filter all emails accordingly to the rules you have set


I wanted to briefly discuss folders and how they can benefit you in your safelist marketing efforts.

You are going to receive huge amounts of emails in your subscriber of list email box.  It is going to be a difficult task just sorting through all this mail.

Folders may be one solution…

Folders are a very useful tool in safelist marketing for keeping your e-mail organized. A good email account has preset folders such as "save", sent", “draft”, or “trash”.

Also, the reliable email account should allow you to create your own folders.

Once you have finished reading your e-mail, and no longer need it, you have three choices: 1) delete it 2) move it to the trash, or 3) move it to a folder.

If you have no use for the message, and won't need it in the future, simply move it to the trash.

However, if you need this e-mail later on, simply create folders to store these messages in. For example if you get e-mail for safelists, create a folder named " safelists " to store all of the e-mails concerning safelists.

Now, when you receive several e-mails all with the same or similar subject, you can move those messages to that folder.


Create a FOLDER for junk mail. Send all your junk mail into that particular folder. Then once a day, go to your “junk mail” folder and delete them all.



However, folders do not need to be arranged by subject. You can organize them however you like, by sender, by general address, or any other criteria you wish to use.  It's your choice as to how you want to organize your e-mail.

Using folders to automate your efforts are necessary. This prevents you from spending hours going through your email.

Go to the ListMail4u for an excellent report on how to use folders.


One of the major reasons most safelist users give up on marketing with safelists is due to the fact that they don't have the tools to deal with the large volume of emails received. 

Again, if using Safelists is one of your marketing tools, then you NEED a LARGE mailbox to handle the volume of email received.

You can use several free junk email accounts to handle the many emails that you will receive, and hope that your account does not BOUNCE.

Or you can automate your email efforts and get a paid email account that has the tools that will save hours of your valuable time and remove the head aches that inconsistent email providers cause.




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