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What is the future of safelists?

Is sending ads to safelists a waste of time? 

Will safelists be obsolete in a few years? 

Should marketers even use safelists in their marketing efforts?

I agree that safelists are not as effective as they once were.  With all the problems with safelists, obsolescence will never be an issue because safelists may be the least expensive form on online advertising.     

Safelists are here to stay for the mere fact that it is free or very inexpensive advertising.  Where else can send hundreds of thousands of opt-in email ads for free or very little cost. 

For example, you can send 100,000 free safelist ads using submitters.  That number of ads could cost you $100.00 or more.

Since so many people are joining safelists on a daily basis, you will have an on-going source of fresh leads.  Safelists are excellent for making contacts and for getting subscribers to your programs.

Safelists are excellent vehicles for newbies who are just starting out with marketing on the internet.  Newbies have the opportunity to learn about internet advertising through safelists without putting out a lot of money.

Safelists are also an excellent vehicle for testing your ads prior to starting a large advertising campaign.  This is something many of the “gurus” do all the time.

So, I believe it is “safe” to say that safelists are here to stay.

Many people are still critical of safelists because of the issues of receiving tons of email; using throw away email accounts and receiving little or no response from safelist ads due to people not reading their mail.

Safelists With A Twist

Well, if safelists don't work, why are all the Gurus building so called "Opt-in lists" that works like a safelist. I called  them "Safelists with a Twist".

Most "gurus"s will say to avoid safelists as an advertising medium. Granted, safelists do have problems if you don't use them correctly.

But, if safelists don't work, why are all the Gurus building so called "Opt-in lists" that works like a safelist. I called  them "Safelists with a Twist".

Many of these marketers will introduce their new "opt-in tool" by stating - "this is not a safelist"..

Gary Ambrose's THE LIST MACHINE, a "safelist" by another name, is a free  "list building system" that allows every user to build a  100% opt-in list. Then you can mail to that list.

The only difference is that as a free member you can't mail to every member who joins the List Machine.  You can mail to members that you have subscribed.

It doesn't stop there, There is another tool created 3 years ago by John Reese called This list is no longer in available,

By the way, John Reese is the guy who made $1M dollars in one day a while back.  So, he knows what he is talking about. If John Reese is using safelists, excuse me, "opt-in lists" then we all need to listen!

Top marketer Mike Filsaime, even admits in one of his eBooks that he is a "safelist junkie".  Mike has a very successful "listbuilder", call LISTDOTCOM

Let me explain something...

The "gurus" know that the best free advertising medium that  was ever created for the internet was the... thats right, you guessed it, the "Safelist".

However,  these marketers were very successful in improving the traditional safelists.  Concept. And they are doing a good job.

None of the above mentioned lists are traditional safelists by any means.  However, all are built on the safelist concept.

The point is, the safelist concept works if used correctly.

So don't abandon your safelist marketing efforts, just improve them. Even try some of the "non traditional" safelists or opt-in lists above, especially if you are trying to build your list.

Still no matter what these "Gurus" call them... "List Builders", Opt-in lists or Viral Lists; they still use the basic safelist concepts.

So I simply call them "Safelists With a Twist".

That said, I believe these are the real future of safelists.

I must admit that these optin lists builders are much superior to your traditional safelists and contain some of the top marketers on the internet.

These lists are not cheap but are well worth the money simply because you don’t have all the problems that “traditional” safelists have. With these listbuilders, there is no need to have special mailboxes because you don’t receive a lot of mail.

And they can be used to build your opt-in list in no time. You can quickly fill your own opt-in list with hot, targeted, qualified leads. You realize that, by working with thousands of others, you will be able to explode your list building potential faster than you could ever dream of doing it alone.

These optin list builders can  access new prospects, every single week, so you can profit from people who have never seen your offer before.

You are not bombarded with hundreds of emails from other people every day.

Your email message does not get lost in a flood of hundreds of others, or being sent to fake email addresses that are undeliverable.

With these new list builders, you have access to a list, right now, even if you aren't able to refer hundreds of people to a website.

They are incredibly easy to use, duplicatable, and doesn't require any technical or specialized knowledge.

Some of them give you the  choice of emailing your members or a random number of members in our membership equal to the total amount of

Your member base will continue to grow underneath you because all members will be encouraged and rewarded for referring other members.

These list are Free to Join but has an upgrade option. You are able to profit when members upgrade if you are a PRO member

Some of these list builders are:

















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