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Safelist marketers' for some reason do not sell resell Rights or Private Label Rights (PLR) products.

Imagine this...
You just finished writing your ad for your Private Label Rights or Resell Rights product(s) you just put together.

You send your ad out to your safelists.

At the end of the day you have 5 sales for a product that cost $27. Not bad since you did not have to create the product or write the sales letter.

Your effort only took about an hour.

Well... that's exactly what happened to me when I advertised my first Resell Right product.

My next Resell Rights campaign for a product that I sold for $37 brought in 11 sales within a few days.

Next, my "Adsense Marketers' Toolkit", which include Private Label Rights as well as Resell Rights products brought in 15 sales in one week.

And this was for a product that sold for $47.

I am still making sales from these products.

Now, I am mainly a Safelist "geek". But once I discovered that I could use safelists to sell Resell Rights products, I was off and running.

That’s why it surprises me that more Safelist marketers' do not take advantage of PLR or resell right products.

Not sure why but if you go and look through your safelist ads everything else is being sold but hardly any resell rights or private label products.

I don't understand especially when you can:

* Put your name as the author,
* Edit the contents and change the titles,
* Break the contents into articles,
* Offer the Basic/Master Resell Rights,
* Resell their Private Label Rights,
* Sell them on auction sites,
* Use them as bonuses,
* Add into your membership site,
* And much more! You can do ANYTHING you want with them.

 On top of that these products are "dirt cheap" to buy.

Part of the reason may be that alot of safelist users are newbies and simply do not understand the value and benefits of PLR products.

Further, setting up webs sites for PLR products may be a problem for some. Even if setting up web sites are a problem there are PLR and Resell Right affiliate programs that safelist marketers can join where all you have to do is send out your ad and receive 100% commission.

The bottom line for marketers who use safelists as an advertising medium is to start promoting Private Label Rights and resell rights products.

For safelist users, Unless you have your own product...

Private Label Rights and Resale Rights products are the next best thing.

The Private Label Rights Newsletter is a resource for those just getting started with Private Label Rights.





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