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PRO Benefits

Paid or PRO safelists are more responsive than free safelists. 
This is a fact….

Paid lists have members that are more open to your offer.

Paid lists have members whom have already proved willingness to buy from the mere fact that they paid to join the list.

Each member of PRO lists are paying customers - there are no freebie seekers here to waste your time with worthless advertisements.

Many paid list will generally let you mail daily versus a free list where you can only mail once to several times a week.  Still, some paid lists may not let you mail daily and will only let you mail every 48 hours.

Many safelists will only allow PRO Members to receive mail from other PRO members and not the FREE members!

Generally, PRO Members can send email to ALL free and PRO members.

So, if you are a free member, should you upgrade to a Pro membership that the safelist offers.  After all, Pro members do get much more benefits than free members and can mail more often too.

For example, let’s look at some benefits a PRO upgrade to one of the premier safelists, Business World List , has to offer:

So, the benefits between “Paid” and “Free” membership for Business World List are significant.

Benefits are fine, but the bottom line is to get responses from your ads.  Obviously, if you are sending your ads to 56,733 instead of 200 members, your response rate will be higher.


PRO fees could cost as little as $1.00 per month or could cost as much as $26.00 per month.  I would not recommend paying for a Pro safelist with less than 10,000 members.  Further, I would not recommend paying a monthly fee over $10.00 per month, unless that safelist is a very responsive list.  Business World List and Herculist are a few safelists that I recommend for a Pro upgrade.

Many safelists will let you upgrade for a yearly fee.  This results in significant cost savings.  I recommend this approach if you can afford to.  Joining the Herculist with the yearly membership fee instead of the monthly payments saved me almost $100 per year.  

Some safelist will let you join by paying a one time fee for lifetime membership to that list.  However, this does not allow you to test the safelist before you pay.

Don’t let cost prevent you from joining the more responsive paid lists.  One strategy to overcome cost is to get other paid members to join under you.

Advertise the “Paid” safelist using your “Free” safelists (another reason to join as many free lists that you can). You will be paid a monthly fee for other members that you bring in to the “Paid” list. 

If enough members sign up, “your” membership to the paid safelist would be free and you could make a profit.


The one thing that you should do to check the safelist response is to track your ads with a program like Adminder .  There are other programs that can be used.

Some of the better safelists allow you to track the ads that you post. So, don't overlook the tools that are included with some of the Safelists that you join. 


It is a fact that if the member's name is in the subject line, the chance of them opening your email is far better.

Join PRO safelist that allow you to customize your subject with the member’s name. Never pay for a safelist that does not offer this feature.



Many of the PRO safelists allow you to place the "Firstname" and the "Lastname" on your subject.  If this feature is available, use it and your response rate will increase.




Customer support from PRO safelists is generally better than free safelists. You will generally get your questions answered in a timely manner.  Do not join any safelist, PRO or Free, that do not respond in a timely manner to your questions or requests.

Also, make sure that the safelist sends you a copy of every email you post to the list.  This is important so you know your offer has been sent.  Do not join any PRO list that does not do this.


Pro or paid safelists generally offers an affiliate program where you can earn money by getting signups.  When you join, you will be given an affiliate link and promotional materials.


So should you join paid safelists?

The short answer is yes, but do take your time and think about it before you do.

Always join the safelist as a free member first and take a test drive. You don't want to upgrade and then regret it.

If you are happy with the response you are getting from your ads, it is definitely worth upgrading.

However, do not overlook safelists that only offer free membership. You may need these to advertise your “Paid” lists.

So to summarize, yes, upgrade to Pro if the free safelist meets the following criteria:

The bottom line is that Pro members have many more benefits than free members and you can mail more often too. 

Benefits are fine, but the bottom line is to get responses to your ads... and Paid safelists have proven time after time to be more responsive.



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