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STOP trying to sell products via safelists that nobody will buy.

I go through my safelist email box and see a lot of junk being advertised.  Nobody is going to buy 99 percent of this stuff.

Look, the main reason that I submit my ads to safelists is to get someone to subscribe to my opt-in list.  From there, I can market a variety of internet related products and services. 

That said...

My secondary reason is to sell products and services that marketers want. .. in particular, marketing products and services that "safelist" users use for their marketing efforts.

It is safe to say that you can market almost any internet related product or service using safelists. 

However, your main customers are other safelist users.  Let me repeat that...


I see hundreds of products and "get rich schemes", but I am not buying any of this. And 99% of safelist users are not buying those products either.

But when I see an ad that will help with my safelist marketing efforts, I click on the ad and sometimes will join the program or make the purchase.

So what are safelist users looking for?  They are looking for products and services that will make them more money; save them money; save them time and help them avoid a lot of effort.

They are looking for products and services such as other safelists (make them more money), email boxes, safelist submitters (save them time and help them avoid a lot of effort), ad trackers, autoresponders, web hosting, free products (save them money), advertising services etc... products or services that will help safelist users with their marketing efforts. 

Safelist users are also looking for internet related marketing products or services (make more money) such as ebooks, software, affiliate products/programs or services.

However, keep in mind that most safelist users are trying to sell their product and may not be interested in what you are selling.  This is why I recommend to initially offer products that will help safelist users with their marketing efforts. 



Consider this, what is better -  advertise your safelist ads to prospects who don’t care… or offer them the “picks and shovels” they require to succeed with safelist marketing.



For example, I joined Marketers Dashboard because it’s a One-Stop place to handle all my advertising needs. The software tools that you have provided cover a broad spectrum of promotional techniques, which include free safelists, safelist blasters, 6 free safelists submiters, solo ads etc

For example, I joined the SUBBER Submitter because it makes my job of submitting to hundreds of safelists easier; it allows me to test my ads since I can rotate 5 different subjects; and I can make money with the affiliate program.

I searched my list mail inbox specifically to find a dependable email service and found YuhKnow or ListMail4u .

I promote Gary Ambrose's List Machine because it  is a complete list building system that  allows every user to build a 100% opt-in list filled with hot, targeted, prospects.

I joined wwKiosk because I was looking for a web host that also offered a variety of other products such as autoresponders, safelist franchise, safelist software and free leads.

I joined YOURFREEWORLD affiliate program because it offers a wide array of safelist products to market such as safelist validators, safelist scripts, safelist hosting, safelist mailbox cleaners and more.

The point is, I search safelists ads to find products that will help me with my marketing efforts.  This is what many safelist users do.  They will buy products that will help them sell their products. 

So, target your ad for your target audience, "safelist users", and give them useful products they can use.

However, in selling any products or services using safelist, make sure that you have a system in place to obtain the email address of your potential customers.  That way, you can follow up with your other or “non safelist related offers” time and time again.


Safelists can be used to market non safelist related affiliate programs as long as you concentrate on getting the email address of your prospect rather than attempting to make the sale with your ad. 

The following are a list of non safelist related affiliate programs that I recommend you to market with your safelist ads.  I have found theses programs to be supportive, honest, responsive and all have excellent products.

Clickbank has a wide range of excellent products.  I have purchased many of these products myself. 

Dominating Clickbank by Andrew is an excellent course on Clickbank for beginners and Pros alike.

7$ Secrets is a new directory site by Jon Leger where you can find the latest 100% commission products to promote.$7Offers

More on the above in the chapter on “Dimesale” products. 

wwKiosk is easy to market via my safelist ads because their affiliate programs offers free leads, unlimited autoresponders, web hosting, safelist franchise and much more.  This program offers several free autoresponder courses to help sell its product.


Membership sites are excellent resources to market with safelists because most are free and have free affiliate programs. You profite with these when the free members upgrade to PRO members.

Several good ones are:

Image Ads:

One Time Offer Goldmine


The key to using safelists to market affiliate programs and membership sites is to concentrate on getting the email address of your prospect rather than attempting to make the sale with your ad.  Then you can use your follow-up methods to offer your prospects free information and eventually your sales offers.


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