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A safelist is a mailing list where all members can send their message to hundreds or THOUSANDS of like minded entrepreneurs without being accused of spamming because every member has opted in and confirmed their email address.

The term "Safe" List derives from the fact that it is "Safe" from Spam complaints.  Safelists are Spam free (generally).

Safelists can be used to advertise affiliate programs, business opportunities, products, free reports, free ebooks and other safelists. A good safelist is probably one of the least expensive ways to advertise your program or product.


A Safelist works well for people who do not have a website and do not have their own Op-In list.



A web-based mailer safelist is hosted on the list owner’s server, so you do not need to download any software or lists of email addresses in order to send your email ads to members of the safelist.

It is highly recommended to use only web-based mailer safelists as the email ads you send are not delivered through your ISP. Therefore, you will NOT put your business at RISK for having been accused of spamming.

How Do Safelists Work?

As a member of a Safelist, you have the right to periodically send your message to ALL the other members of that particular Safelist.

On the other hand, EVERY member of the safelist you belong to has the right to send YOU an email.

This means that you will receive “LOTS” of mail.

So, when you join safelists you are asked for TWO email addresses, the contact email address and the list or subscribe email address. You provide a contact email address where you receive communications from the safelist administrator. This must be a valid email address where you receive your main email so that you can be contacted in the event of membership problems or commission questions, etc.

The list or subscribe email address is where you will receive your Safelist messages from other members. This is a mailbox must be large enough to handle quite a bit of traffic. Many safelists will no allow you to send messages if your list or subscribe email box is full. The administrator may even delete your membership if your email messages cannot be delivered.  More on this later.

Most safelist users utilize a secondary mailbox at places like Hotmail or Yahoo. If you are a serious online marketer intend to use the safelists for your marketing efforts, use a professional safe mail box like those offered by
Listmail4u .

You can get a contact email box and a list email box all on one account for a small monthly fee.


As previously mentioned, the good thing about safelists is that you can send an ad to as many members that belong to the list, but the down side is that the entire list can also send ads to you!

You can get literally thousands of emails per day.  You will need to clean out or delete messages in your mailbox frequently or you will "bounce" messages. Bouncing is like the “plague” to safelist administrators. One of the rules that you must remember is not to bounce your messages. Bouncing occurs when your mailbox was too full and the message is returned to the list owner.

When a safelist owner gets huge amounts of bounces, messages back up in a server queue and no messages can move through the server until the queue has been processed. Bounces can shut down a safelist owner's account.



Safelist administrators generally have strict rules about bounces. They will warn you to go clean out your mailbox the first time or two it happens, but if you continue to bounce, you will lose your membership.

If it is a PAID safelist, you can lose your commissions and downline as well. To rejoin, you will have to pay again.

So, if you use safelists, keep your mailbox clean. Use several junk eMail accounts so that you don't risk one becoming too full (more on this later).

All safelist have rules which you must follow.  Breaking these rules may cause you to lose membership to that list.

So make sure you agree to the safelist owners’ rules before you join.

Here are some general rules to follow that most safelist owners want you to follow.

List Rules:

No Autoresponders

No Racial or Hateful Messages

No Adult Oriented Messages

No Answering Member Ads With Your Own Ad

No Duplicate Accounts

No Spamming of Fellow List Members

No Bounced Emails

These Are The Rules For Everyone No Exceptions!! Offenders Will Be Deleted From The List Without Warning


Safelists DO work if used correctly. Many marketers make a very good living advertising only through safelists. The trick is in knowing how to effectively market using safelists and using the correct strategies.

I will talk more about these strategies in later chapters.

Knowing how to market includes having a GREAT headline. If you have a great headline, you increase the chances of your message getting opened and read.

Another strategy is to join hundreds and possibly thousands of safelists (free!) and increasing your odds of getting your message read by someone.

You also need to automate your safelist posting efforts. It would take you all day to post ads to hundreds of safelists, so you would have to find a program that automatically does it for you.



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