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Chapter 2 – How To Get Started




Start with subscribing to free safelists. Join as many free safelists that you can to easily and quickly send your email ad to thousands of prospects weekly! 100% SPAM FREE!

This increases your odds of getting your message read by someone.

Free Safelists usually have a lower response rate than paid safelists.  Free lists generally attract marketers looking for something for free.

If people don't pay to join, they may not keep up with their email and they get bounced from the list because of full mailboxes. That means a lot of worthless addresses!

Paid or Pro lists have members who are more serious and are more open to your offer.  The email addresses are usually deliverable.

Many safelists will only allow their FREE members to mail to other FREE members and NOT the PRO members!

FREE Members will receive email from both the FREE and the PRO Members.

One rule of thumb when joining free safelists is to look for lists where the list owner will let you sign up as a free PRO.  This happens when you join the list for free and the list owner will upgrade your membership to PRO with out cost. And you have PRO benefits.

List owners often have offers where the first 100 or 500 members can sign up as a free Pro.  Once the limit is reached, and unless they upgrade, all other members will be free members with free member benefits.

Or they have to pay a fee to become a PRO member.

The number one benefit of joining such safelists is that you do not pay and you receive Pro benefits.

These safelists are usually advertised in your safelist email box. This is one reason why you should make an attempt to look at your mail instead of simply deleting them.

Only join free safelists that also offer Pro membership.  These safelists tend to be more responsive because of the Pro membership service attached to it.


Many FREE lists do not get very good results any more. Most of these are being sent to junk email accounts where the recipient deletes it and never sees your ads.  Only join free safelists that also offer Pro membership.  These safelists tend to be more responsive because of the Pro membership service attached to it.


Only join free safelists that are web based.  Therefore the ads will be sent by the host of the safelist owner and not your ISP.  This will lesson the chance that you will be accused of spamming.

Never join a safelist where you have to download the email addresses and mail the ads from your ISP or a bulk mailer.

Chances are that these email addresses were harvested from the internet and are not opt-in.  You could be accused of SPAM and lose your internet connection, your business, be hit with fines and even imprisoned.

The free safelist should indicate the number of members whom belong to the list.  If this information is not available, then email the owner and ask for the number of subscribers. 

Do not join this safelist if:

So are free lists a waste of time? Absolutely not! The name of the game is NUMBERS and getting your message out to as many people as possible.  The best FREE safelists are those that offer both a paid and a free member option. That way you can try them out for free and pay later if you like them.



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