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If your headlines are bad, no one will even read your offer.

Safelist users are in a hurry. You have only seconds to get their attention while they search their safelist inboxes.

Safelist users are bombarded with hundreds of ads, letters, postcards, and commercials every day. They tend to skip or tune out any marketing message that looks like it will take too much time or be too much trouble to figure out.

Headlines simplify the learning curve. A reader can scan down your page, quickly digest your headlines, and figure out what you're offering. Once the prospect knows you have something she is interesting in, she will take more time to read your safelist ad.

Statistics in direct marketing show that five times as many people read the headline than read the ad or letter.

Changes in headlines have produced documented increases in sales of 200%, 500%.  This means more sales.

John Gordecki does an excellent job in describing “good” and “bad” subject lines in his book " Safelist Secrets Revealed ".


Over the years copy writing pros have found several headline formulas that almost always work well. Try these headlines, putting your product, service, or benefit in place of mine.

1. Ask a Question. "Are your Safelist efforts working?" A question headline gets the reader to answer in their mind. You automatically get the prospect involved in your message. Many people will read further into your letter, ad, or web site copy just to find out what answer or solution you provide.

2. Start your headline with "How to" or “Discover”. "How to make money using safelists." Or "Discover how to make money using safelists." “How to” and “Discover” headlines work like magic. People love information that shows them how to do something valuable or where they will discover something new. It works for reports or letters that provide helpful information.

3. Issue a command. Some headlines command readers to "Read This Now". Turn your most important benefit into a commanding headline. "Stop Making Mistakes with your Safelist Marketing."

4. Important news makes a good headline.This particularly works well for affiliate pre-launches of hot new products. “Brand New State-of-the-Art Safe-List Submitter....pre-launch June 15”!

5. FREE offers always pull the best response. Offering a free product is a great way to get your ads opened. "FREE Report on Safelist Marketing" will generate interest.

6. Increase your safelist responses by customizing your subject. If you use subject lines with member's name, the chance of them opening your email is far better. For example, the following subject line:

"John, Join the Most Responsive Safelist on the Market"

…will get open more times than the same subject without the member's name.  Many of the "better" safelists allow you to place the "Firstname", "Lastname" or “email address” on your subject.   If this feature is available, use it and your response rate will increase.  Do not pay for a safelist that does not have this feature.

7.  Point out a problem. Use your headline to point out a problem the reader has or something you know the reader feels strongly about. Your safelist headline line gets attention when it appeals to the reader's interests. Subject lines aren't a good place to list the features of your product or service. However you could highlight the benefit the feature provides.
“Unlimited Autoresponders, Follow Ups,

Broadcasts, Toll-Free Customer Service"

8.  Use action words in your headline.  Use action words like save, act, run, feel, and do. Cut out unnecessary words. Put subheadings in your copy to break up stretches of text.

9. Don’t use misleading subject lines.  Avoid subjects like “Make $500,000 in 6 months”; or “Make $10,000 in 2 Days”.  Be honest, but be creative. 

10.  Provide a benefit in you subject.  Let the reader know what’s in it for them.  Use words like: ”Reveal”, “Discover”, “Learn”, “Opportunity”, “Amazing”, “Breakthrough” and “New”.

11. Use quotation marks around your headline.  Studies show that headlines increase your response rate by 5 to 20% if the subject is enclosed in quotations.

Now you have 11 headline formulas that you can apply when you when you are writing safelist ads.  Good headlines make your sales materials stand out, easy to use, and motivating.

The art of writing headlines is a special skill well worth the time and effort it takes to develop.

It's a good idea to write 15 or 20 headlines for your ad, and use the "leftover" headlines as part of the selling copy itself.

Keep your subject lines to your safelist ads concise and to the point. Anything longer than 50 characters may get chopped off and no one will see it.  Leave out all unnecessary words, spaces & punctuation. Eliminate words such as "a" "an" "the" and abbreviate where possible.



Repeat your email subject as the first line in the body of your email. Frequently safelist owners add advertisements to your email before your ad. 


Become a student of headlines and a connoisseur of great subject lines. COLLECT them, think about them, PRACTICE writing them. The reward for your efforts will show up every time you get another order or inquiry that you never would have gotten if you didn't make the effort!

Try studying as many headlines as possible.  Instead of deleting the mail in your email inboxes, look at all the subject lines.  Look at the ones that catch your eye.  Study what made that headline interesting.  These are the type of headlines that you should use.

If you don’t have time to create great headlines, try Headline Creator Pro , a software tool that can give you 100 killer headlines in 17 seconds with the push of a button.



Below are several headline formulas that I use to get over 2000 sign-ups for my “Safelist Markets’ Users Guide” and my “Marketing With Safelist Newsletter”.

Do You Use Safelists <Then Read This>
*Copy What The Safelist Gurus Do To Sell On The Net*
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These headlines below will get your ads read if you need sign-ups for your safelist submitters:

Safelist Users==>>Try The Easy To Use Submitter

DON'T Join any Safelist Submitters Until You ==>READ THIS!!

==>Free Report: How To Profit With Safelist Submitters<==

The Death Of Safelists

SHOCKING! An Inexpensive Safelist Submitter!

--All New F/R/E/E Version of the Subber Submitter Has Arrived!—

SHOCKING! Finally a Fre^ Safelist Submitter!

Safelist Users! Earn Extra Commissions With This

The following ad is my all-time favorite in getting submitter sign-ups:

Join F/r/e/e Submitter and I Will Show How To Get Signups!

That headline work because of the word “free” and also I promised to show how to get sign-ups once they joined. 



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