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Some marketers will argue that the value of posting to safelists is now non-existent and the only way to make money is to OWN the safelist.

Now lets take this one step further.  The real way to make money with safelists is to OWN a safelist submitter.

Safelists are still a viable marketing tool if used correctly.  However, the value of owning a safelist submitter cannot be overlooked.  What is the value of owning a safelist submitter?

First of all, with safelist submitter ownership, you instantly have your very own opt-in list to offer YOUR products and services that you are trying to sell.  Folks, this is free advertising for your business.  All the members are yours to advertise to when you want to.

Safelist submitter ownership gets your email ads read.  You are in control of the admin area where you can send email to members when you want to.  You  control members accounts, renewing memberships, affiliates pay plan,
pricing per month, adding lists to the submitter, deleting members and much more.

Secondly, your safelist submitter will pay for itself and bring in residual income, month after month when you charge for submitter membership. Imagine charging $10 membership per month with only 10 members.  Thats $100 per month.

What you  earn if you had 30 members.  Do the math, that $300 per month. 

Remember, you are in control of your safelist submitter list and its management. You could adopt any payment/reward structure you want.

Even offering a safelist submitter with all free membership, you still can also profit from:

  • selling solo email advertising
  • selling text ads on your safelist submitter site
  • selling banner space
  • selling button links


Safelists owners are always looking for more safelist submitters lists to join.  As an owner of your very own safelist submitter, you will be providing a service to the thousands of safelist owners who have safelists.

So, for those of you who feel that you cannot profit from posting ads to safelists or even owning a safelist, then why not get your own safelist submitter and profit from monthly income from membership, advertisement, banner space and link sales.

Most important, since these are your members, you will profit from the sales of products and services that you are trying to sell also.

Lets not forget that you can send your ads to all of the safelists also.  You have the ability to reach hundreds of thousands of safelist members.

Remember, safelist marketing is a numbers game, the more people you reach, the better your chance of having your ads read. This means more members to your opt-in list and more product or service sales.

What better way to reach your target market than from owning the safelist submitter.

Check out Safelist Submitter Services if you are interested in owing your own safelist submitter business.

 BB Safelist Submitter Script    

The  BB Safelist Submitter Script  is a personal use safelist submitter that you can install on your own server.

You don't have to pay a monthly subscription to have submitter usage.

It's yours...

It combines the best features of the Best submitters on the internet.

It has Scheduled Submissions! Set it once and your ad is sent out daily, at the time you choose!

Here are some of the other features:

* Easy to install script - requires CPanel Script itself is only 290 kb!  Utilizes only one MYSQL database.  Uses very little server resources

* Simple design, Easy manage lists. 

* Add as many lists as you want. 

* AUTO Validation

* Save multiple ads.

* AUTO Submit - Set your time daily  and forget

* Records and posts accurate submission results.

* Single use or Automatic Inbox cleaners.

>>> and Much More 

The BB Safelist Submitter offers an excellent affiliate Program! You earn 50% of all of your sales!

Here is the best part. The folks at the  BB Safelist Submitter Script will install it for you for a small fee.

They will even host it on their servers if you like. This is an excellent submitter to ad to your arsenal.



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