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Testing ads is one of the main reasons “gurus” use safelists.

Safelists can be very effective for testing your ad before you embark on a large email marketing campaign.

Safelists are the PERFECT testing vehicle for testing your ads. You can easily send ads to literally 1000s of safelists for free.

Testing your safelist ads is critical to your success.  If you fail to do this, you will never succeed in marketing with safelists or any type of online marketing for that matter.

Safelist are an excellent tool for testing your product and to find out if your ads are getting any response.

Suppose that you had a product that does not traditionally sell well with safelists.  For example, you may want to sell an ebook.

So instead of using the safelist to directly sell your ebook, use the safelist to test your ad.

Choose several good subject lines.  Change the subject of the ads until you find one that is getting clicks. Write down your results for each subject line.  Fine tune the subject line until you find one that really “pulls”.

Another way to test your ad would be to change the body of the ad and not the subject.  Post your ads to your safelists.  Write down your results for each different ad.  Fine tune the message until you find one that really pulls.

Then track your ads using a program such as Adminder and analyze your results.  Determine which ad was the most responsive.  Write down your results for each ad.

Let’s use this example…

I want to advertise my ebook and decide to test an ad using 5 different subjects with the same message. I name each ad as follows: ad#1, ad#2, ad#3, ad#4 and ad#5.  I then set up my Adminder URLs to reflect the names of the ads.

Next, I send the ads out using iPostAd since this safelist submitter has the ability to rotate 5 different subject lines.  I then open the Adminder screen and record the clicks.  The results could be as follows:

Ad #1 - 19 clicks

Ad #2 - 32 clicks

Ad #3 - 26 clicks

Ad #4 – 11 clicks

Ad #5 - 22 clicks

As you can see, Ad #2 is clearly the best performing ad.

Once you find the ad that is getting the hits, simply send the ad to your Opt-in list.

Or, purchase a solo ad in a targeted ezine since ezine ads are more responsive than safelist ads.

Another alternative would be to find JV partners and send your ad to their Opt-in lists. 

The goal is to not try to sell directly using safelists, but to use safelists to test the response of the ad until you find one that “pulls”.  At this point you can start your “real” email campaign to sell your product.



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