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Are you tracking the effectiveness of your ad campaigns for the safelists you use? Or are you blindly sending ads to safelists, hoping that someone will read one of them.

If you're not for tracking the effectiveness of your ad campaigns for your safelists, you are wasting your time with safelists.  Tracking your ads will show which safelists are effective and which ones are totally ineffective.  There are those that do work, however, there are those that are unresponsive.

If you are getting hits, are you able to determine how many hits and from which safelists?  However, if you are tracking your ads, you can determine which safelists are getting the hits.

You MUST be able to track EVERY aspect of your safelist advertising campaign to determine what's working and what's not. You can't leave anything to "chance."

What are some of the user information that would be valuable?  The following are a list of user and campaign information that can be track:

Total Clicks: Track the total clicks to your safelist

Unique Clicks: Track how many unique visitors are visiting your safelist.

Cost per Click (CPC) - Average amount that you have paid for 1 click.

Clicks to Sales (CTS) - Percentage of Clicks resulting in a Sale.

Return on Investment (ROI) - The return on your investment for the ad.

Sales (S) - Number of sales that the ad has generated.

Cost per Sale (CPS) - Average amount that you have paid for 1 sale.

Referral URL: Track the referring URL for every user that clicks on your safelist link.  This will tell you which site your visitors were at when they selected your link.

Browser: Ad Trackers can tell you the specific browser used by every visitor that clicks your safelist link.

Operating System: The operating system that every visitor is running can also be tracked.

IP Address: Track the IP addresses of your visitors.

For example ... let's say you are advertising in 10 different paid safelists. You want to know which ads are getting read, so that you can drop the safelists that are not performing.

Now, what if you run the same ad in 10 different safelists. Then you NEED to know which ads are getting clicks.

Tracking will allow you to know exactly how many visitors were generated by each of your ads in any of the particular safelists.

Tracking will reveal which safelists generated the most visitors, subscribers, downloads, sales, etc.

Then you keep the safelists that gets the most clicks/subscribers/sales and throw away the ones that are not performing.

In turn, you will know which safelists are performing and which are not.


Not tracking your safelist ads yet! Many safelists have built in tracking tools.  Use these tools to track your ads and to experiment with the concept of tracking your ads. You can later upgrade to a PRO tracking system once you understand the concept.


Many of the better safelists come with tracking tools. One example is the MarketingWithSafelists safelist.  It will track your ads and has a host of other tools as well.

CASH-BLAST and Cash4uSafeList safelists have an Ad Tracker will automatically record Total hits, Unique Hits, Browser, Operating system info and the IP addresses of your visitors.

An excellent tracking system is Adminder Adminder is a tracking system that can accurately track and manage all of your safelist ads.  Adminder will show you exactly how many visitors were generated by each of your ads, reveal which ads generate the most visitors, subscribers, downloads, sales, etc.  It will show you how many Clicks, Sales, etc. an ad generated for any date range.  It even calculates Calculate cost-per-click, cost-per-sale, and click-to-sale ratios for each ad

If you do not have the time to track your safelists response, a valuable resource for your safelist tracking efforts is TrafficHoopla TrafficHoopla is a service that tests and ranks safelists for responses from their members.  This resource is a must have if you are not testing your safelists.

Track your safelist ads daily and don’t even think of promoting any safelists without tracking.




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