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Some marketers will argue that the value of posting to safelists is now non-existent and the only way to make money is to OWN the safelist.

First of all, I believe that safelists are still a viable marketing tool if used correctly.

However, the value of owning a safelist cannot be overlooked.

What is the value of owning a safelist? 

First of all, with safelist ownership, you instantly have your very own opt-in list to offer YOUR products and services that you are trying to sell.

Folks, this is free advertising for your business. All the members are yours to advertise to when you want to.

Safelist ownership gets your email ads read. You are in control of the admin area where you can send email to members when you want to.  However, I would not abuse this privilege.  The quickest way to have members unsubscribe is to constantly send offers to their contact email address.

Secondly, your safelist will pay for itself and bring in residual income, month after month if you charge for membership.  Then as your list size grows, you may even charge more for PRO membership.  It’s totally up to you.

Remember, you are in control of your list and its management. You could adopt any payment/reward structure you want.

Everything else is up to you. For example, you could offer to upgrade the first 500 Free members to PRO. It’s your call.

Even offering a safelist with all free membership, you still can also profit from:

You can even swap advertising space with other website owners.


You can sell your safelist for a profit and then start another list.

Marketers who use safelists are always looking for more lists to join. As an owner of your very own safelist, you will be providing a service to the thousands of people who still use safelists.

So for those of you who feel that you cannot profit from posting ads to safelists, then why not own your safelist and profit from monthly income from membership, advertisement, banner space and link sales.

Most important, since these are your members, you will profit from the sales of products and services that you are trying to sell. 

Safelists are easy to operate and own even if it is a lot of work….even a novice can do it! 

If, you are interested in owning you own safelist, YOURFREEWORLD has excellent safelist scripts.  wwKiosk also offers a safelist script as well as unlimited  autoresponders as well as other tools such as their safelist franchise, free Leads, free hosting, and FFA. 


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